Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Bryan has always been very creative and helpful with my specific need for my daily activities with my prosthesis. As well he listens and seems to enjoy my additional challenges to create what I need to ski and race competitively. I am always taken care of well at Mitchell Prosthetics.

Braydon Luscombe Above Knee Amputee

Patient Stories

As a Chopart amputee, my residual limb is not an easy fit and, as an active person who refuses to sit on the sidelines, Bryan and his team have been very willing to listen to me and “think outside the box” to develop a prosthetic that meets all of my needs, both physically and cosmetically. Bryan is also very patient, explaining the laws of physics as to why I can’t get what I want and always with a smile. Thanks to Bryan, I’m back on the baseball field, hiking and swimming!

Lisa Cunningham, Chopart Amputee

Patient Stories

I was involved in an industrial accident damaging my leg to the near point of it being amputated. The surgeons really had no way of knowing that I could walk on it. The Mitchell Team worked and fitted braces to put me upright, having the vision to ultimately restore my lifestyle. I spend my winters riding a snowmobile and summers riding my Harley.

Bruce, 55

…we left soon after receiving our orthotics for Europe and only realized after our return that we spent our whole holiday without suffering any pain. Needless to point out that it made us extremely happy and that it had been an age since we felt that way. It all happened thanks to your knowledge and care in making our insoles and we can never thank you enough for it.

Karl and Margarete F.

I have been an amputee for fifty-three years and without a doubt, this is the best artificial limb that I have ever had. I have lived in many provinces and in Europe and have found Bryan and his staff to be very professional and do excellent work. My new leg has given me a world of comfort.

Mary Hutcheson, Below Knee Amputee

My son, Elijah, is 8 and a half years old. He has been coming to see Bryan since he was about 14 months old to get his prosthesis. Bryan, Cathy and everyone we come into contact with, in both Comox and Nanaimo, have treated us fabulously. We rely heavily on Bryan to ensure my son is able to walk, run, and play like all kids his age. Elijah was born a lower limb amputee and Bryan provides him with all his prosthetics and the devices that he needs. Bryan is not only very friendly, he is open minded about trying new things, he is dedicated to getting new legs built very quickly, he does everything he can to ensure Elijah has a good fit so that he is able to partake in all the activities he loves so much.  Thank you Bryan, we appreciate you very much!

Caterina Alberti and Elijah

Bryan is very innovative and takes a lot of pride in his work. When I first saw him I could only walk about 300m – he fixed me up! Now I spend half my time in the Yukon and half my time in Alaska, backpacking, fishing, riverboating- doing all the adventures I used to do.

Richard Rankins, Below Knee Amputee

Hi Kevin, I am writing this to tell you how great it is to walk with feet that don’t hurt and not wearing leather shoes that felt like they weighed 15 pounds each.

Thanks for your time and patience to help overcome the problems encountered with my super sensitive left foot.

Your expertise and knowledge of finding the problem areas like the 3/8″ lift needed in my right shoe to bring my hips level. Also seeing the movement of my foot in my old brace leading to a new and properly fitting brace worth the extra strap to solve the problems…

Thank you again

Owen Tagseth

In 2009, I needed orthotics and went to a Dr. to have orthotics made for my feet, especially my right foot. After a careful examination her reply was she couldn’t make orthotics for my feet and recommended that I see Brian Mitchell immediately for assistance.

On my first appointment which lasted a couple of hours of examining my foot and making me walk back and forth and checking my hips he made a plaster of my feet. It was not only the orthotics I needed but also alterations to the shoes. After trying the new orthotics and new shoes, the pain that I experienced prior to seeing Brian went from a 10 to one.

Recently, my right foot was deteriorating, and Brian recognized immediately that I required a brace for my right foot. With his knowledge and experience he recognized that change was required immediately.

The changes over the past 8.5 years have allowed me to continue my walking program, being able to bicycle and still go dancing, play golf and do moderate hikes and curl.

In short, Brian Mitchell gave me my active lifestyle back.

Ken Jones age 73